Like the Cri-Cri and the Mole, the Torets are only found here and nowhere else in the world. They are as old as the Unity of Italy and in the city you can find more than 800 ... they will always give you a free drink. Let's take care of it together!

Toret al Parco del Valentino
Bambina che tocca l'acqua di un Toret

Almost two centuries of love and fresh water

With those unmistakable horns and the typical bottle green, the Torets are the historic fountains symbol of Turin. In the city you will find more of them than kebab shops and pizzerias, just look around and they will be there, ready to give you a sip of fresh and free water. They have a history that has spanned more than 150 years, they have seen monarchies and governments fall without ever batting an eye. You will find them only here, why not organize a trip on purpose to come and see them?

Torneo di calcio balilla Corner shop ilovetoret

The association i love toret

Since 2012 we have been taking care of protecting and enhancing our beloved Torets through the organization of events, social initiatives and the sale of special merchandising, in order to preserve them and build - at the same time - a common conscience that leads to respect and enhancement of one of the icons of Turin.

Find them all

Discover the more than 800 Torets on the interactive map, move through the neighborhoods and streets of Turin to find your favorite Toret that you want to take care of. You will be able to adopt it for free and morally, committing yourself to make a report in case of breakdowns or acts of vandalism. Not only that: add photos and comments and tell your stories related to the Toret!

Turin map
"Even if he has horns, that's not a good reason to betray him.
Especially after years of a thirst-quenching career."
Toret in Via Beaumont

Let's give color back to the Torets!

Is there a toret you would like to repaint? Do you want to offer yourself as a volunteer?

"Let's give color back to the Torets!" is the project by i love toret and Rob Schwartz, in collaboration with Torino Spazio Pubblico, which gives new life to the fountains of your heart by organizing days dedicated to repainting.

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Discover the latest news, initiatives, events and curiosities from the Toret world

Fontana di Piazza C. Alberto Articolo di giornale

Put the Toret back!

The time has come to put the Torets back in their place!

From the 2012 municipal project to replace the Torets, fortunately never completed, there are still two stone fountains in the wonderful Piazza Carlo Alberto. With our project "Put the Toret back!" we asked the municipality of Turin to replace them with real Torets, to restore the square's historical, architectural and symbolic value, when the first Italian Parliament resided there.

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The first app that allows you to quench your thirst in no time! Discover the more than 800 Toret in the city, move through the neighborhoods and streets of Turin to find the Toret closest to you!

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