Adopting a Toret is a symbolic and moral commitment to show your love for one of the most representative commons of the city of Turin, take care of it by visiting it regularly and make sure it is always in good condition.

Adopting a Toret is very simple! Register on the site and go to "Map" page : you will find all the more than 800 Torets scattered throughout the city. Choose the one you are most fond of and click on the green “Adopt” button!

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a Toret is damaged by vandalism, such as from spray cans or bumps. Other times it can happen that a Toret no longer works, no longer throws out the water, or is moved or removed. In all these cases you can make a report, or warn us of what happened: we will promptly contact the competent authorities with whom we have a direct channel of communication.

To make a report you must be registered. Search the page "Map" the damaged Toret and click on the red button "Report" .

Making a donation is very simple and is what allows us to continue with our social promotion activity. It's very easy: just go to the page "Project" and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find a dedicated form to donate the amount you prefer. Payment takes place on Paypal and you can do it either through a Paypal account or through your personal account.

Currently the only place where you can really find all our products is our online shop . Once the purchase is made, you can pick it up in our main office or you can ask for a delivery (for delivery costs, read our terms of sale). However, there are some corner shops scattered around the city, find out where in the "Contacts" page .