Search, adopt, report

Do you want to find out if there is a Toret on the stretch of road you take to go to the University to fill your water bottle? You are in the right place.
On our very special map you can see all the more than 800 Torets scattered throughout the Turin area and, once you have found yours, just click on the symbol with the horns to see the details of your favorite fountain.

What can you do now?

1. Adopt a Toret: a symbolic and moral commitment to show your love for your cuckold friend, make sure he's okay and working, leave a comment to tell a story, upload a photo. Adoption is completely free.

2. Submit a report: in case of vandalism, malfunctions, displacements and disappearances, please let us know. We will promptly contact the competent authorities with whom we have a direct communication channel!

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