Put the toret back!

Why i love toret was born

The birth of our association dates back to 2012 when, as reported in the article in the figure, it was proposed to replace the Torets with stone fountains. It was precisely at that moment that i love toret was born, a project born with the aim of preserving the historical and emotional value of the Torets as we have known it for over 150 years.

The project was immediately followed by hundreds of supporters, who from the outset showed great interest and love for a symbol that accompanies all Turin citizens from childhood.

The fountains of Piazza Carlo Alberto

Over the years, our association has grown to become a point of reference for Turin citizens, toret lovers and for the institutions themselves. As they say, since 2012 water has come out of the Torets!

From that municipal replacement project, to date, however, two stone fountains in Piazza Carlo Alberto remain as evidence.

We believe the time has come to ask the Municipality of Turin to replace the two stone fountains with real Torets.

The square is one of the most evocative and touristic in the city, with a large daily influx of people.
It is therefore right that to quench the thirst of passers-by, and to frame the Savoyard architecture of the National Library, there are two Torets, respecting the history and the symbols of our city.

Piazza Carlo Alberto
Carlo Marocchetti, Monument to Carlo Alberto, 1856-1860. Photograph by Mario Gabinio, 23 September 1926. © Fondazione Torino Musei.

Architectural and historical value

Furthermore, Piazza Carlo Alberto was the seat of the first Italian parliament and just as it met for the first sessions, the Torets were already present and in their current form, as in the documentation of the historical archive. This is undoubtedly a very significant as well as symbolic aspect, as putting them back in their place would also restore a historical and architectural value to the square, consistent with what was one of the periods of maximum recognition in the city and nationally.

And what do you think?

If you also agree that two Torets in Piazza Carlo Alberto are better than the current stone fountains let us know!

Let's join our voices to ask the Municipality to replace the stone fountains with a symbol of the city.

Leave your information if you believe in the project too!