Let's give color back to the Torets!

Chiazze di vernice
Torneo di calcio balilla

How the idea was born

The first chapter of this story begins with Rob Schwartz, a boy originally from the United States, who arrives in Turin to study at the Polytechnic. After moving, he becomes a volunteer with the Municipality of Turin through the "Torino Spazio Pubblico" initiative: it won't take much for him to become curious about the Torets and their history.

Rob therefore decides he wants to give his contribution to the most famous fountains in Italy rolling up his sleeves to learn how to repaint them, contacting us to collaborate. Rob has clear ideas: he wants to understand where to find the paint and how to turn off the water, and immediately identifies the first 3 Torets to make as new.

Let's get into the game

Faced with so much love and passion, we at i love toret immediately jumped into the game by replying to our new friend Rob. In fact, since the foundation of our association, we have tried to become the point of reference for Turin residents and others on everything related to the Torets: providing continuous information and updates to citizens, collecting information from our supporters and those who symbolically adopt the Torets, from requests for intervention and reports that we receive. It is therefore thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the subject together with constant contact with citizens that we can intervene and organize days dedicated to repainting.

Not to mention that thanks to the donations of our supporters, the purchase of our products on our eshop and our great passion, we can provide arms, brushes and paint from a practical point of view!

Chiazze di vernice

And now everyone to work!

We at i love toret, together with Rob, are drawing up a list of dates on which to give life to the project. It will be us, always in collaboration with TSP and SMAT, who will decide the date, the time and the Torets to be repainted. Do you want to come with us and give the first brushstroke yourself?


Sign up for free as a Torino Spazio Pubblico volunteer at this link.


Follow us on social Facebook and Instagram where we will communicate, in due time, the established days and Torets.


Present yourself directly on site with a copy of the completed registration form for Torino Spazio Pubblico.


Come dressed "as a travaj", as they say in Piedmontese, because there is a risk of getting a little dirty.


We will take care of procuring paint, brushes, gloves and everything you need.

P.S. Just want to stop by and take a look? We will be happy anyway!

Toret al Parco del Valentino

Do you want to paint by yourself?

From today you can! After registering as a volunteer at Torino Spazio Pubblico, you can contact TSP at the following email: torinospaziopubblico@comune.torino.it specifying the Toret you would like to repaint and the day and time you would like it to be done. From that moment on, it will be the task of TSP, in collaboration with SMAT, to let you know if they will shut off the Toret water on the established day and if, therefore, you can go and repaint it.

In this case, you will have to independently obtain the RAL 6009 paint, the brushes and everything that may be needed (gloves, scraper, paper, water, garbage bags, a brush, a shovel, wires to tie the sign and a “Fresh Paint” warning sign).

Report the torets to be painted

Our ears are always open: if you see Torets around the city that you think need a nice color refresh, don't hesitate to let us know! We will add them to the programming of the days dedicated to "Let's give color back to the Torets!".

Is there a toret you would like to repaint with us? Write to us!

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